I’ve been drawing since I can remember. That includes a memory of sitting on some hay bales in one of the barns on the farm where I grew up, busy with my pencil and tablet. Why the barn, I don’t recall. Perhaps I was trying out the “ambiance”. (Which in this case was probably pigs). I count myself fortunate that my parents, while not artists themselves, kept my sisters and me supplied with paper, pencils and crayons throughout our childhood.

I’ve lived in many places, met many people, and traveled extensively, which has provided me with a variety of experiences, as well as inspirations for artwork.

These days, I’m an illustrator/cartoonist, and also do some design and production art for print media.  I use manual and digital methods to create my work, and usually some combination of both. My idea of a dream job would be to draw pictures all day, preferably those which  entertain or inform, or better yet, make people laugh. And I like to work in various styles – whatever suits the job requirements. I work on a PC in my own studio, but also have experience with Macs.

I can do:

Illustration: Technical/Instructional Art, Cartooning, Caricatures, Humorous Illustrations, Charts and Diagrams, Training Materials, Presentations.

Layout/Production Art for Printed Materials, including, but not limited to: Brochures, Business Cards, Print Ads, Newsletters, Presentations, Forms, Signage, Charts and Diagrams.

Fine Art: Portraits, Custom Drawings.

I also have experience with writing copy, if you’d rather have words with your pictures.

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